Packing Peanuts for Plant Drainage

If you've gotten way too many packing peanuts of the non-biodegradable type, my favorite way to make use of them is let them provide drainage in the bottom of potted plants. They keep the potted plant from becoming too heavy and provide a bit of help for better drainage. Since their default size is a bit bigger than I really want, I chopped them up a bit first with an old meat cleaver before adding them to the bottom of the pot. Though I haven't tried it yet, block styrofoam, like computers and such are packed in, should also work fine if chopped into small pieces.

Use less paper - turn off your printer!

There is very little that I look at on my computer that actually needs to be printed. In fact, my printer isn't even connected to my PC anymore, much less turned on. There is a printer in the house, connected to the PC my husband uses for his business, so if I absolutely have to print something, I can, but the inconveneince factor means that most of the time I simply save a copy of whatever it is where I can access it late if needed and forgo the option of printing it out. Screen capture programs and the ability to print to a file usually eliminates any need for printing. Most of the time, having a digital copy of something rather than a printed copy also makes it easier to move data from one place to another by cutting and pasting. This same idea can also be applied to other areas - if you make it inconvenient to yourself to do something, you will tend to do it less often! How can you apply this idea to your own home?

A New Beginning

A number of years ago, I had started this site, but a number of issues drove me to disable it, mostly due to spammers. Maybe this time around, I'll have better luck keeping the nasties from the door.

I was raised on the outskirts of a major city, on a 4-acre plot of land that quickly became devoted mostly to gardening, spoiling me forever for anything but fresh veggies. And since my father wanted us to know how to do things for ourselves, nearly all of the revonation work done on the old house there was accomplished without the need for outside contractors. My brother and I were Dad's more-or-less compliant helpers, learning the basics and stashing away an enormous amount of useful experience for the future.


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